Building A Healthy Habit: Automate one meal a day!

In the battle of the bulge, people often feel overwhelmed with food options or the lack thereof. The best way to tackle food options and build a healthy habit is to automate one meal a day. I usually choose breakfast. I keep two options on hand: Gluten free oats and low glycemic smoothie options. If I could eat eggs, I would eat them every day because they are the best option for portable protein when you’re on the go. Plus, eggs can be packed with veggies in frittatas, scrambles, omelets and egg muffins. Plain Greek yogurt is also a great choice. I can’t eat it either but I highly recommend Fage or Chiobani. It’s high protein, portable, and can be used in sweet or savory preparations. When you automate one meal a day, you know for sure that you have one healthy option you just can’t mess up.

For the gluten free oats, I use Bob’s Red Mill brand. I usually top it with cinnamon, a teaspoon of organic maple syrup, and occasionally a teaspoon of grass fed butter. You can use a little low sugar jam or a splash of cream.  These can be cooked on the stove top in bulk and saved for a day or two in the fridge so you don’t have to re-cook. If you are a runner, I’d suggest these before or after a run, but only about ½ a cup so you won’t be too full beforehand.

As for smoothies, I add both veggies and fruit. This smoothie is often my breakfast and lunch so it’s got to be hearty. I use two cups of low fat coconut milk as my base. Spinach is a great smoothie addition. I put in two to three handfuls and then blend it with the coconut milk before adding anything else. This way there are no chunks and it’s well integrated. I personally add 3 scoops of protein powder in a vanilla flavor. Then for my fruits I use one cup of frozen strawberries and ½ cup of blueberries. I use fewer blueberries because they have more sugar. Once I add the protein and berries, I blend again. This will net you about one liter of smoothie.

I hope this helps you on your journey to building healthier habits! What’s your favorite healthy habit? Let us know in the comments!


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    judy says

    How much gluten free oats are you using?
    Have you ever tried kale instead of spinach in that smoothie?
    What would be the lowest sugar content fruits to use?
    What kind of protein powder…soy or whey?

    • 2

      Erin says

      1. Depending on how much I need but averaging 1/2 cup of dry to a scant cup of water in the micro for 3 minutes.
      2. I don’t have access to kale very often, just a few weeks a year, so no I have not. However they sell baby kale salad in pre-done bags now at most stores in the US. I’d only recommend trying it will baby kale unless you have a vitamix.
      3. I use strawberries, which is 9 grams of sugar per cup
      4. I use whey powder. Soy powder may cause health complications.

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    When I read the title I was like: what does she mean with ‘automate’?? But I understand now :-) I actually do the same thing, and it’s also with breakfast. I usually go for wholegrain cereal with milk, and fruit yoghurt, but sometimes I also eat fruit and eggs.

    • 4

      Erin says

      Automatiser! I need to pair down words that might not translate well for my international audience! In America, it’s pretty normal for people on week days to go eat stuff they shouldn’t at coffee shops or drive through fast food places. If you have quick options at home that are healthy, maybe it will help people be healthier or lose fat because they aren’t consuming all that terrible excuse for food!

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    Chelle says

    You can easily make ahead smoothie bags. After you finish your grocery shopping set out a bunch of baggies and add in everything except your liquid. Throw in the freezer. Then when you’re really in a hurry you aren’t messing around with measurements. Grab a bag and go.

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      Erin says

      Yup, I’ve done that too. I just have to pre blend the spinach and put it in ice cube trays or it’s a bit off loose with the fruit!

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    Hi Erin,

    My favorite healthy eating habit is making green smoothies for breakfast. I’ve started making them low glycemic with lots of greens and I find that kind of smoothie holds me for a long time.

    Take care,


    • 8

      Erin says

      Hi Evelyn! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I’d love to add more greens! When I’m all moved in a few months I should be able to get more access to healthy foods year round. Everything here is seasonal and greens are mostly a winter crop!

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