Deep Discounts: Anthropologie sale cuts so deep you need scuba gear

Since the holidays are over, a lot of retailers are clearing out their most sparkly clothes and what they consider “winter holiday gifts”. This is what is happening at the Anthropologie sale right now! These “deep cuts” are great deals!

For clothing we have some really fun cardigans and sweatshirts:

Dazzeldot sweatshirtBauble CardiSequin Cardi

   $50 from $98                           $20 from $138                          $20 from $98

These cardi’s are great for all year long bringing a little metallic shimmer into your outfit. I also love this sweatshirt with sequins; glam up the weekend or bring comfort with you to the office!

For shoes and accessories we’ve got some mega-watt sparkle:

anthro flats anthropologie-turquoise-medusae-bib anthro earrings Anthro chandeliers

$50 from $150                  $130 from $375                $130 from $210           $160 from $245

Those flats are absolutely stunning and could easily pair with anything all year long! The jewelry pieces are all real statements and will pair perfectly with Pantone’s Spring 2014 color palette which will be in stores everywhere in a matter of weeks.

For the home we’ve got cute gifts but also a DIY idea to elevate some humble pieces:


anthro gaggle anthro bearAnthro Carafe

$25 from $36                                    $25 from $36                                $50 from $100

$190 from $380               $130 from $250

Anthro BlanketAnthro wall paper

Any cook or baker in your life would be happy to receive these darling measuring cups that are meant to be seen and not just put up in a cupboard. The carafe looks like a regal piece of antique bar wear until you get up close and notice the classic line from Alice in Wonderland “drink me” etched onto the body. These Japanese throws are breathtaking. The company focuses on traditional Americana as it’s seen by the Japanese people. It makes for a truly unique marriage of east meets west and would certainly be a standout piece in any room. As for the wallpaper, not only can you use it on the walls but you could use it to cover boxes or line drawers for a graphic punch. I could also see it being used under glass on flat surfaces like a table. I’d even be willing to try an Ikea furniture hack with it!

I hope you find something you like with these Anthropologie sale pieces or get inspired to look around the net for other great deals! If you’ve already found an unbelievable sale that you’d like to share, please leave a comment below and we’ll contact you directly!



  1. 1


    Wait! Whuuuut??? *gives self whiplash*

    oh crud, I’m still on my forever-taking spending ban, but if the hubby buys it, it’s not a party foul. Plus, you’re right, loving the V-day gift idea. But he will still have to get me some obligatory chocolate. Because.

    You are wicked.

    • 2

      Erin says

      Well, yes Hubby purchases don’t count when you’re on a no-buy! You can just tell him “This sweater only costs four Starbucks’ lattes” and see what happens! For me personally, I really want the Deletta sweatshirt and the measuring cups! BTW, I’m loving your blog!

    • 4

      Erin says

      I was just thinking about the “measuring cubs”; they might also make handy jewelry storage! I agree though, must have all the cups!

    • 6

      Erin says

      I know! I want it all but even at those ridiculous sale prices, I’ve got to control my spending to one or two items!

    • 8

      Erin says

      Finding sale pieces is an art at Anthro. Being a size large or xl in everything they have limits my options most of the time for in-store sales. That’s why I use the online sales almost exclusively for clothes. They always take in store returns!

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