Link Love: Protect Yourself from Heart Disease and More

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the mention of the heart that beats in your chest. In this sense though we’re talking about heart disease and how to prevent it. There are some startling things mentioned here I didn’t know about heart disease before. Health is a big concern of mine and a reoccurring topic on Clever Girl Reviews. Heart disease is an issue near and dear to me because I lost a friend to it a few years ago. He was only 30 years old and in reasonable shape for his age. It’s the number one killer of both men and women in the US. I’m sure you know all the basic details but just in case we will talk about them briefly: daily exercise (even 10 minutes will cut your risk), giving up smoking, keeping a steady weight, and managing your diabetes if you have it. Excessive drinking is a factor as well, so keep it to one glass of red wine a day for heart health! Eat healthy with lots of veggies and fruit in your diet. Soluble fiber and healthy fats are your friend. Just to be on the safe side, learn the basics of what a heart attack might feel like and it’s symptoms. Keep baby aspirin in the medicine cabinet and change out the bottle yearly for full potency. Now that we covered the basics, I hope you’ll find some new information within to help keep you healthy in these links!

One woman’s tragedy becomes a story that may help others in the fight against heart disease

Why is Magnesium so essential? Mind Body Green breaks it down for us!

All that diet advice you’ve been reading on my blog is backed up by an expert! Fit Bottomed Girls has the low down.

Sick and Tired? Greatist has a list of things to eat based on your symptoms!

Trying to get more veggies or go Vegan? Here is a celebrity approved Bolognese sauce!


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      Erin says

      Yes it is! While it’s not totally preventable there is a lot we can do. I may do a piece for women too because women often have different signs then Men.

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