Bold As Brass & Good As Gold: Metallic Home Decor Trends

Over the last few years the decor pendulum has swung from cool toned palettes back to warm. With this brings the return of brass and gold accessories, fabrics, and housewares. The great thing about metallics is they are neutrals, matching just about anything. Of course, some things look better with them than others but you can still put cooler colors with a warmer metallic and get a sophisticated outcome (ie. teal and brass). I’ve been positively mad for metallics for years but there have been a lot of really great things to come along recently that I want to share with you. I’m not talking 70’s brass or 80’s gold. I’m talking about the new luxe toned down finishes that will make you swoon!

First on my list is the hardware from Nest Studio. I know these are pricier then what I might normally recommend but I’ve seen these in person and they really are to die for. They make a whole lot of impact and not only class up cabinetry but furnishings too. If you are planning a remodel or an overhaul of a piece of furniture that needs hardware, please take a look!

I also do love a good shiny accessory as you can see in my Threshold and Nate Berkus Spring 2014 posts. Now lets get the dining room involved in our metallic home decor mischief.

Flat Threshold Gold

Threshold Izon $19.99 per setting

Hammered Gold Threshold

Threshold Arkita $19.99 per setting

Threshold is at again, bringing you fabulosity for less. Both of these sets are dishwasher safe and made out of stainless steel. Izon is modern and sleek while the Arkita has heft and texture. I really love the hammered look of the Arkita and I think the finish might wear better because it isn’t a high mirror shine finish.

 West Elm Gold

West Elm Gold Flatware $29 per setting

West Elm Rose Gold

West Elm Rose Gold $140 for 4 full settings

West Elm is puttin’ on the Ritz with these classy offerings. They are stainless steel with gold plating. Both of these beauties are also dishwasher safe. I love the rose gold so much, I’ve had to stop myself from whipping out my credit card twice!

Moving on to other rooms, I’ve found a couple of versatile pieces that could really go just about anywhere in your home that I’m really keen to share. I’m currently looking for the perfect spot in my house to add these two little gems.

Threshold Table

Threshold Square Accent Table $59.99 on sale

Shut the front door! $60?!?!? It’s currently 25% off online! I adore this table and it’s the prefect size for a small seating group or a bedside table!

West Elm Mirror

West Elm Pleated Mirror $249

This would look great in my entryway but I could use it anywhere in the house. I love the color palette in this photo. Celadon, white, brass, and woods. Rich, but light and fresh too. This palette with just a tiny pop of orange was what I was going for in my last home and this photo just makes me remember how much I love it.

Now for the mother of all brass items and my personal favorite!

Threshold brass cartThreshold Brass cart 2

Threshold Bar Cart $119.99 on sale online

When I was a kid my grandmother used to have this ornate bar cart where she kept the Steubens and the top shelf booze. I was always interested in it because it served one purpose for her: entertaining the good guests. I think this could be used in an office, kitchen, or even a bedroom as a dressing table or valet. If I had room for this in my apartment, I’d have bought it already!

How do you feel about the brass and gold metallic home decor trend? Flash in the pan or here to stay? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!


    • 9

      Erin says

      I was a chrome/silver/stainless person… Still am but I like how rich these tones are when combined with jewel tones and whites/grays.

  1. 10

    faithful follower says

    Gold, brass, and copper bring warmth and richness to any room but I think it is harder to add in if the color palette is not right. You might one day inherit your Grandmother’s tea cart…can hurt to ask! Love the mirror and flatware!

  2. 15


    Oh wow, I cannot believe you found a set for $20! Gives me hope that I can find something similar over here.. .I’ve been looking for one for ages, but most gold coloured cutlery is just so expensive… x

    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway and hope you enter – if you like the prize, of course. x

    • 16

      Erin says

      Too bad Net-a-Porter doesn’t do all the Target collections and only the clothing ones. West Elm does ship internationally now if those are in your price range. I am not sure what the currency exchange would be or if there would be VAT. If you have any friends in the USA that would work :)


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