Drugstore Disappointments: Revlon’s Lip Butter in Cupcake & Rimmel ScandalEyes Nude Liner

drugstore disapointments open

Do you spend time on the internet reading beauty blogs? I sure do. I love all things makeup but I have very little money to spend on products. I take my time looking for just the right thing and I make sure to try to find bloggers who have close to the same skin tone (super rare) for swatches. There were a few products some bloggers had been raving about or using in looks for like, two years now, so I decided to try them out. One was a disappointment of epic proportions for me and the other was only a minor letdown. Lets start with the epic letdown:

dd swatches

Full afternoon sun

Rimmel ScandalEyes Nude eyeliner is a go to product for a lot of people. It’s supposed to make the eye look bigger, brighter, and more awake. You use it on your waterline and inner tear duct instead of colored liner or a white liner, which can look harsh up against skin or other colored liners. I’d seen this swatch work nicely for many pale girls. I’ve been having a real issue with a red waterline from allergies so I thought I would give it a try. As you can see from the swatch on my hand, it is obviously way too dark for me. In the tube it looks like it’s an N15 in shade but for whatever reason it looks like an NC40 on my hand. It’s even worse on my eyes. It’s a sickly cognac brown with just enough pink in it to make me look diseased. I mean we’re talking a reverse Bob Costas. My hand is about N10-15 and my face is N/NW 10. I have no idea why this changes and oxidizes so badly on me. If this isn’t bad enough, it refuses to apply smoothly on the water line and gets clumpy. I’ve never had this issue with any other liner in my life. I don’t own any of the other colors in the ScandalEyes range so I can’t compare the formula to another shade. Needless to say, I have to give Rimmel ScandalEyes Nude a zero in every category for me.

dd indoor swatch

Indoor lighting mixed with sun

Revlon’s Lip Butter in Cupcake is less disappointing but it’s still making me a bit sad. I’d seen a few gals with my coloring and more importantly my dark mauve natural lip shade rocking this saying, “it’s the perfect nude” for them. I can’t ever seem to find a nude that looks good on me; they are all too warm or have obvious gold sparkles that just looks fake. This one is a neutral pink with pink and a lavender iridescent shimmer. What looks beautiful on my hand looks off on my lips. It just makes me look too corpselike. There are, however, a few positives to this lip color. It’s very moisturizing, much more so than any of my other lip butters. I think it can be layered with other lipsticks. If you exaggerate your lip line just a bit with this product, it acts like a highlighter making your mouth look fuller but more natural looking than using a traditional highlighter. All in all, I’d give it a three out of five stars.

Do you like Rimmel ScandalEyes Nude Liner or Revlon’s Lip Butter in Cupcake? Have a recent disappointment of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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    Oh I’ve tried the Rimmel ScandalEyes Nude eyeliner and I, too, don’t understand the hype! It doesn’t turn darker on my waterline, but the longevity is a joke. I barely get an hour of wear, lol!

    As for the Revlon’s Lip Butter in Cupcake, I like to layer it over another lipstick and it actually looks really nice then. :)

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    What a bummer that the nude liner didn’t work for you! I cannot believe how dark it looks on your skin tone. I’m a pale skinned girl too (NC15 to NC20-ish, most times of the year), and I’ve never had it look like that on me! Sometimes duds get missed when in production at factories, so maybe that’s what happened :(


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      Erin says

      I may be being generous with my skin tone level of whiteness though. I haven’t been to a MAC counter in 5+ years. I’m NARS Siberia in the winter (a little too yellow) and NARS Terra Nueve in the summer, which is the lightest in their TM. Guerlain Biege Pale is pretty close but oxidizes. I think YSL TE foundation would work for me in b10. I took it back to the store post first use and it looks the same in every tube. The formula may be off or perhaps my unique chemistry reacts with a pigment. The first time I swatched it on me after purchase, my jaw literally dropped!

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    SandraJT says

    Kryolan makes a very light, flesh-toned liner type pencil that might work for you. It’s not expensive at all & is a super long pencil. I can’t find mine right now to tell you how many grams of product you get with it, but it’s worth checking out. I have this Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencil & have compared the two. The Kryolan pencil is definitely a lighter flesh-tone than the Rimmel pencil. And it stays on my waterline really well.

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    Sienna says

    I think I’m about the same skin tone as you, and I prefer off-white shades. “Nude” (a.k.a. beige) liners are always too dark for me. My favorite for a long time was a discontinued Revlon product, but I recently got Laura Gellar I-Care eyeliner in Banana, and I love it. I was worried because it’s slightly yellow toned, but it actually works well to neutralize the redness. And it lasts pretty well, too. Laura Gellar pops up regularly on HauteLook, so check there. They sell Banana in a double pack for $12. (I also got a double pack in the shade Bone, but I don’t recommend that one – it’s shimmery, which just looks weird on the waterline.)

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    Totally late to the party/comments section, but I thought I’d chip in my two cents on the ‘nude’ thing:

    I, too, looked for a nude lipstick once. To this day I have yet to find a nude lipstick that works in the sense that many people mean ‘nude’ – i,e. looks like you put (sheer or otherwise) foundation on your lips. For those of us that are pale, especially, it just makes you look sick, I find. We need all the livening up we can get, usually!

    So! My solution was to give up on the ‘nude’ thing, and go for what I think ‘nude’ lipstick should actually mean, which is something there’s already a name for : MLBB. Because really, a truly nude lipstick would be a transparent one, i.e. a lip balm 😀

    So many nude lipsticks have a white base to them. It just doesn’t go, especially if you have a dark natural lip color or a vampire skintone! (unless you’re going for an editorial look, and then you might as well go the whole hog and just concealer/foundation over your lips)

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      Erin says

      My perfect MLBB is Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. It’s the exact color of my lips! That’s why I like something with a little red tint in it so my lips look more alive. Medium mauve and “vampire” skin can be a bit weird sometimes. I think I could go a shade or two lighter then Sugar Plum to pull off a nude. I just have to find it!

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    Erin says

    You just saved me some money on that Rimmel eyeliner! I had heard all about it, too. As for a nude lipstick, in the pink family, the prettiest one I have to date is Maybelline’s #235 “Warm Me Up.” It’s like a rosy, cameo pink- really hard to describe. Do a search for a swatch if you’re interested. I’m a natural redhead (highlighted blonde) with ivory skin with pink undertones. Nars Siberia was a tad too pale for me- probably a Mac NW 12 if I could ever get a Mac shade to match.) Anyway, it’s lovely and inexpensive. I have too add that nude shades, for me, have been the hardest look to acheive.

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      Erin says

      I’ve seen Warm Me Up, but I was worried it was too yellow! I’m a natural blonde colored red! Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

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    Just wanted to pop in (saw your comment on MBB about the white + N1 Face and Body :), I recently picked up the Maybelline LE lipstick in Nude Embrace and it’s a good cool mauve that’s on the lighter side. It seems everyone NC20+ has issues wearing it but I like it quite a lot on myself (around NC10).

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    Fran says

    This is funny, I just recently tried out this Rimmel eyeliner and am really liking it, even though it only lasts half the day on me it’s easy to reapply and doesn’t irritate my eyes. For comparison, my skin is NW20. Have you tried the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light? It’s lighter than the Rimmel pencil, and less pink, although not as soft.


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