Perforated Shoes for Spring/Summer 2014

I’ve never really considered myself a trendy person. I buy what I like, trends be damned! Sometimes a trend comes along that I just love, however, and I tend to go a little overboard. My current favorite trends are honeycomb, brass, and perforated shoes. I’m not sure why I’m so into perforated shoes. I like the idea of some nice polish peeking through a shoe. Wearing sandals isn’t always an option; perforated shoes are there to keep your feet cool. It could just be there for decoration but I’d still like it. Perforations also tend to make a shoe look more delicate. I’m not a huge fan of oxfords or certain flat shapes but you throw in perforation and you’ve captured my attention. I’m looking forward to picking a few of these up because I think they are very versatile and not just for spring or summer. As long as it’s dry, I’ll probably be rocking some perforated loafers come fall. After spending my afternoon pining for perforated shoes, I figured I’d share my favorite finds with you guys and get your opinions!

First up are two flats from the J.Crew Spring 2014 Collection:

jcrew metallic

Cleo Perforated Mirror Metallic Loafers $198

Italian Leather, sizes 5-12

jcrew pastel

Biella Tassel Loafers $285

Italian Leather, sizes 5-12, 2 colors

The next group come from Nordstrom and a diverse selection of designers:

nine west

Nine West Teanna $80

Nubuck, size 5-11, 3 colors


Aerin Murex Slip On $148

Leather, size 5-11, 2 colors


Matt Bernson Gimlet $198

Leather, Memory Foam Sole, size 5-11

Adam Tucker

Adam Tucker Bliss $175

Leather, size 6-11


Tsubo Fifee Perforated Half d’Orsay Pump $ 130

Suede, antimicrobial foam, 3 inch heel,  size 5-11, 2 colors

The next pairs are from Old Navy:

Old Navy flat

$25 Synthetic, size 6-10, 3 colors

ON ballet

$23 Synthetic, size 6-10

The next set of shoes comes from Anthropologie:

Kelly Anthro

Kelly $100

Leather, size 6-10, 2 colors

Anthro Shooties

Covered Bridge Shooties $148

Leather, 3.5 inch heel, size 6-10

anthro academia loafers

Academia Loafers $88

Leather, 2 colors

Anthro ring toss bootie

Ring Toss Boots $140

Leather, 1.5 inch heel, size 6-10, 4 colors

Aoifie Anthro

Aoife Laser Cut Loafers $79

Leather, size 6-10, 2 colors

Anthro metallic flats

Lydia Laser Cut Loafers $98

Leather, size 5-11, 2 colors

Out of all these I’d like to own the Lydia, Academia, Covered Bridge, Fifee, and the Gimlet. I’d also like the pointy toe flat from Old Navy in the navy and green shades. Do you have a favorite? If so, let us know in the comments below!


  1. 1

    Faithful Follower says

    I guess I imparted something good to you…a love for cut-work design on shoes! My favs: Cleo; Gimlet; sea-green Old Navy; Ring Toss Boots!!; Aoife; and Lydia!

  2. 3


    These are all so cute! I wish I could wear perforated shoes, every time I wear them I feel like I rip the holes! :( Maybe that’s just typical wear-and-tear, and I’m just expecting a little too much. But they’re so cute!

    • 4

      Erin says

      Danielle, I think if you get one with all over small perforations like the Adam Tucker in Bliss it wouldn’t be so worrisome!

    • 8

      Erin says

      Good I’m glad! I could see myself wearing every pair even though I’ve got my personal favorites. I really want to wear the Gimlet ones with colored tights and full skirts come fall!


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