Plus Size Fashion Not Just Plus Sized Clothes

The world of plus size fashion is a really small one. Sure, there are lots of retailers that provide clothes and some of it is even cute; it’s rarely stuff that looks just like cute clothes in the juniors and misses sections that everyone over a US size 12 looks at longingly. What I’m really talking about is ready to wear runway level stuff you see from Tory Burch, Tracy Reese, and lower priced lines like Zara or Mango. Being a US size 14, I can fit into some of these things but it doesn’t always look right or lay right as it would on a woman with a smaller bust or smaller hips. I’ve got a small waist for the size of my top and bottom, so finding jeans or something that fits without tailoring is a minor miracle. If you’re like me, you’re tired of trying on 50 things to have one thing look right like it would on a size 6 woman. You don’t want to wear shapeless tent-like garments and neither do I. I also don’t want to squeeze into something to the point of almost bursting! I want fitted and fashion forward appropriate clothing. That’s where Eloquii comes in.

This isn’t the Eloquii you remember from The Limited. They are out on their own now! They also have a 6 month design cycle, so you’re getting stuff that’s on trend when it’s an actual trend and not 2 years later like most plus size brands. I could sit here and talk all day about this. Instead, let’s cut to the chase and just show you the awesome product!

Eloquii colorblock skater

Studio Abstract Print Dress $118

 Emeblished dress

Studio Hand Embellished Dress $128

scuba dress

Colorblocked Scuba Sheath Dress $98

Studio Sweatshirt

Studio Couture Sweatshirt $88

statement top

Statement Colorblock Top $62

Embellished Top

Studio Hand Beaded Jewel Top $74

Contrast Trim Blouse

Contrast Trim Pocket Blouse $58

Chevron tee

Chevron Tee $46


Essential Skinny Jeans $78


Studio Graphic Studded Leggings $62

colorblock skirt

Studio Abstract Skirt $78

faux leather skirt

Studio Faux Leather Skirt $88


Studio Matte Sequin Skirt $98


Studio Moto Jacket $148


Studio Drama Jacket $128

These aren’t even a fraction of the whole collection, just what drew my eye. You may be saying “This isn’t my taste”. If you are plus sized, I want you to take a long time to think about what your taste is. Many of us have been used to one style of dressing because we’re at the cusp of or in the plus size category. Maybe we haven’t allowed ourselves to think about looking any other way because it was pointless to dream or like options you can never wear. Plus size fashion and clothing options often come in limited silhouettes. If you aren’t comfortable wearing skinny jeans, don’t let me push you. You should try them, though. Just expand your horizons and allow yourself to try new things even when you think they won’t work for you. Often times, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To answer your question, no, I’m not affiliated with these guys. I’m just passionate about helping people look and feel their best. I will say in criticism, slightly larger sizes and tall/petite would be great future editions. Price points in the $40’s for more casual options in future collections would be awesome. A matching men’s line would be beyond awesome. Eloquii, if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my curvy fashionista heart for these beautiful offerings. I must go now and wrestle the credit card away from my husband!


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    faithful follower says

    Thanks for showing me the site! I saw some that l really like…hmmm, where will the money come from???

    • 2

      Erin says

      I know! I was thinking that same thing. I seriously want to up my style game and they are offering things that would look great on my figure.

    • 4

      Erin says

      I’m not sure you could tailor down a 12/14 to a 0/2, lol. If you are looking for similar things, zara and mango of course but also Club Monaco, ASOS, and Modcloth all have similar silhouettes. They probably could clean up with any size though with cute designs like these!

    • 5

      Sylirael says

      I was just thinking the same thing! That matte sequin skirt! That Moto Jacket!

      I may not be plus size myself, but a dear family member has been since before I existed, and I’ve literally grown up with an appreciation for the difficulties of finding non-sack-like plus size clothes. Honestly it makes *me* angry that most plus sized places seem to assume you want sacks in garish geometric prints.

      If you think it’s bad in the states, imagine what it is with the brand selection down here! 😀 There is one lovely store run by a fabulous plus-sized woman near where I used to live that has stuff brought in from all over the world! It’s a lifesaver for the aforementioned family member, but a one woman store can only hold so much stock diversity…

      • 6

        Erin says

        That’s sounding pretty bad. Luckily, I can fit straight sizes. If I couldn’t I’d have lost my damn mind. I still have problems with tops though. I’ve got a massive bust and have almost my whole life! If it’s like a body con silk blouse, it’s not happening or even a plain button front shirt. It’s puckered or popping open and huge everywhere else! Grrr, boobs!

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    These outfits are beyond beautiful! You have great taste in fashion, Erin! :) I especially love the black leather skirt and the shoes she’s wearing! To die for!!!

  3. 11


    All the clothes are just fabulous. The abstract pink dress is super cool. I would really love to have such pretty outfits in my wardrobe even though I have to spend little more amount of money.


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