Stinky Situations: Old Spice Wolfthorn vs. Dove Care Clean Comfort

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Yes, I’m a woman reviewing men’s deodorant. I went to my local drugstore about eight months ago and they were out of women’s deodorant (I’d gone there because my supermarket was also out of women’s deodorant as well, what are the odds?). Wait, I’m lying. There was one stick of Teen Spirit which smelled like Victoria’s Secret exploded on my face when I opened it. That’s not going anywhere near my person again! Usually, I get some brand in a powder scent and I’ll switch it up every now and again if they are out of powder scented ones but I’m pretty picky. I’ve used many natural deodorants; unfortunately, none so far have worked for me. For whatever reason, any deodorant with tee tree oil in it makes me smell like I’ve bathed in cumin. It’s not even fragrant cooking cumin, it’s rancid cumin paste you forgot in your fridge from that one time you made curry last year. So what was I going to do? I sucked it up and started cracking the tops off of the men’s deodorants in desperation.

Axe had one or two that didn’t smell so distinctly like Axe but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. One of them was even named chocolate fantasy or something equally ridiculous. To be honest, I didn’t want anyone rummaging through my toiletries to judge me for buying Axe. The one Dove brand stick they had on hand at the time smelled too manly for me. I then saw the sign “new scent” on an Old Spice product I’d never seen before. The name was Wolfthorn and the logo looked like a direct ripoff of a wolf from World of Warcraft. I thought to myself, “What the hell!”

When I lifted the lid it was like time stopped. A choir of angels started singing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah overhead. I started to levitate off the ground in an haze of olfactory bliss. Why did it smell so good? I’ll tell you why: it’s an almost carbon copy of one of my favorite scents on the planet, the Capri Blue Volcano scented candle from Anthropologie.

At this point I honestly didn’t even care if it worked or not, it was coming home with me. To my surprise it’s been the best antiperspirant deodorant I’ve ever used. It goes on smooth and dries fast. It doesn’t stain my clothes. It’s invisible… yup, LBD approved. No product buildup you have to use a body scrub to get off; it washes off clean with soap and water. It’s even kept me dry while running. It still smells nice at the end of the day.

You can imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t get it again a few months later. I was actually mad! I even asked the manager to find out when more was coming. He said not for about a month. I went through the whole debacle again of smelling everything in the men’s section. I found one that smelled very nice and bought it. That brings us to the Dove Care Comfort Clean stick in my bathroom.

The Dove smells like a cross between SJP’s Lovely and a perfume I bought myself in Paris. It’s soft and herbal with a powdery cashmere musk skin scent in the background. It’s perfect for someone who likes a powder scented deodorant but finds most of them are too sweet. It also still smells good at the end of the day. It doesn’t seem to stain my clothes or need an industrial paint stripper to remove. I’ve not tested it’s LBD worthiness. It keeps me dry 90% of the time. Men are also attracted to the fragrance. I was surprised when I was complimented on my perfume but all I was wearing was this deodorant. The scent is fairly unisex though.

Bottom line ladies: you owe it to yourselves to try these two out. The Old Spice Wolfthorn is the clear winner for me with it’s slightly better performance and scent. I like the Dove and I do think I’ll keep using it on low energy days or days when I want to smell like a warm blanket just out of the dryer rather than a pile of sugared citrus and crisp greens. To the men out there, just because these don’t smell like urinal cakes or by the gallon bathroom cleaners doesn’t mean they can’t be manly too. Most men’s deodorants actually smell terrible. These might be a welcome change to your self care product routine!



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      Erin says

      Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah it’s pretty good. I’ll replace it if I finally find a natural one that works for me but for now, I seem to be a convert to the mens section!

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    Hm, we actually get Old Spice here now (I think) so I might have to mosey past next time I’m in the supermarket and have a sniff!

    I have this funny thing where I actually don’t sweat much generally (yay!), but I always wear deodorant in any case. However, if I wear any sort of citrus scented deodorant (and SO MANY of them have ‘grapefruit’ in them), it instantly turns to a B.O. smell on my skin. Fail!

    Citrus shower gel seems to be fine, so there must be some specific citrus-deodorant-armpit chemistry thing going on there 😛

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      Erin says

      You might prefer the Dove! I have an auto immune disease that affects my thyroid. I used to never sweat before I got my thyroid to a decent level finally. I could sit in a sauna for 20 minutes and not sweat at all! Back then the Dove would have been more then enough. Now, I sweat buckets :( The Dove has a great scent, I do really like it. I just have a serious obsession with that candle! Armpit chemistry is weird. Anything grapefruity on me is usually good, unless it’s a bitter grapefruit and then it’s rank!

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    It just seems so odd to me, a woman wearing a men’s deodorant! But maybe that’s because all I know are the deodarants that my man uses, and they are all very WROAAAGHHHH LOOK AT ME I’M THE MOST MANLY MAN IN THE WORLD-ish… Reading this kind of makes me want to give it a try, just out of curiosity :-)

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      Erin says

      Most men’s deodorant as I said smells like urinal cakes and by the gallon industrial cleaning supplies. It doesn’t hurt to give them a sniff. If anyone looks at you sideways, tell them you’re picking out a new one for your man!

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    Great post, I will be looking for Wolfthorn on my next shopping trip! I am a fan of mens fragrances so I’m not afraid to venture into men’s deodorant. Doesn’t it make you a little mad that it seems like they make mens products more effective than women’s? It reminds me of the razor situation, I have been using Gillette Fusion for Men for YEARS because lady razors are just not that great!

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      Erin says

      Tina, I agree with you! I think it’s that they assume men are no nonsense and they won’t buy something if it doesn’t work. Men may also be more willing to return product. Mens razors are better too! Hands down! I also have to say the Dove is really nice, smell it if you get a chance. I also did some postings about men’s fragrances for Valentines Day, most of them I consider unisex so if you’re looking for something delicious but not sweet look at that post too! Shoot, check out the women’s fragrance post too. I just realized some on there are unisex.

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    Faithful Follower says

    Who knew men’s deodorant could cause such a buzz! Evidently…my girl! I have lived long enough to not be surprised that something made for men may work better than something made for a women…just call me an old feminist! I tried the Wolfthorn…smelled good and worked great, though it left light deodorant marks on my bras…actually not as bad as a Secret product I was using!

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    Erin says

    I’m also an Erin and I followed you over from Temptalia. Great blog~ clever girl you are indeed. This deodorant blog post is hilarious. I can just picture the look on your face when you saw the Old Spice illustrations- too funny. And we, too, have our own package of the Men’s Dove Clean Comfort. It belongs to my son. I give it a 2 thumbs up and then some more. My husband happened upon it and said he “really liked it.” LOL Because you are spot on with the Dove, I will hasten down my Walmart aisle and check out the Old Spice “Wolfthorn!” LOL

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      Erin says

      I’m glad you liked it. I fear I’m about to write a funny post about wine this week too. They are both great products. Your son has good taste, I’m assuming he got it from you :)

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        Erin 2 says

        Well, I don’t know if he got if from me (yeah, he did) however, I spied him giving it a sniff and couldn’t resist. We both insisted it was A- Okay. Btw, I will be Erin 2 to avoid confusion. 😉

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    Lis says

    Hey, i bought this one yesterday, but the spry one, maaaaan it smells like candys and fruits, i mena what men would wear that??? i really liked it and i’m using it XD

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