Trendy Sweatshirts For Men!

To my Bros,

I know that in the fashion industry ladies get most of the love. They get cool details and prints while you get the same polo in a million colors. You can either choose to look one of five ways that mass market retailers tell you to or you can get a few one-off cray cray pieces from Kanye West or the occasional H&M score. If you live in the EU you get a little more choice at a lower price point but it’s not a deep playing field. I feel your pain. You deserve a floral print sweatshirt. You need a Vegan Leather and French Terry hoodie. Shhh, shhhh… don’t cry Bro. We got this.


Clever Girl

The Narrows Pleather Pull Over

The Narrows Vegan Leather Sweatshirt $59

Mixed Media, Size S – XL


Koto Jacquard Henley $39

Cotton, Size S – XL

The Narrows Vegan

The Narrows Vegan Leather Hoodie $59

Mixed Media, Size S – XL


The Narrows Asymmetrical Pullover Sweatshirt $59 

Cotton Poly, Size S – XL


BDG Rose Pullover $59

Cotton, Size S – XL

Quilted Narrows

The Narrows Quilted Inset Sleeve Pullover $59

Cotton, Size S – XL


Publish Gorgon Pullover $94

Cotton Poly, Size S – XL

Perforated Leather

The Narrows Perforated Sleeve Pullover $59

Mixed Media, Size S – XL


Roses Squared Pullover Sweatshirt $49

Cotton Poly, Size S – XL

Ted Baker

Ted Baker Shawl Collar Pullover $165

Cotton Poly, Sizes M – XXL

Now for my personal favorites! I chose these because they are a mix of classic with a hint of edginess and are all very versatile. You can still feel comfortable while pushing your boundaries.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Shawl Collar Pullover $145

Cotton Blend & Suede, Size S – XXL

I like this because it’s chic and sexy without trying. It can be worn to work, date night, or the supermarket. It’s got a relaxed but tailored fit and will look good in all the sizes they sell it in! Plus, even with the suede it’s machine wash!

Marc Jacob

Marc by Marc Jacobs $198

100% Cotton, Size M – XL

I like this one because the pattern is more sophisticated than others I’ve been seeing in the leopard family for men. It’s just a little bit wild and the size really is to a more manly scale. It’s casual or office ready. It’s also machine wash!


Topman Vegan Leather Crew Neck Sweatshirt $60

Mixed Media, Size XS – XL

This one is great because it’s super conservative with just a hint of edginess on the shoulder detail. The texture is so nice it could pass for a sweater. If my husband owned this, I’d probably be borrowing it!


Diesel Smogami Jacket $133 (Sale)

Mixed Media, Size M – XXL

Need to look polished and keep warm too? This is a great option for any size. It’s a little more casual but possibly still office appropriate depending on the employer.


Topman Mini Cable Zip Sweatshirt $76

Mixed Media, Size XS – XL

This is a great neutral basic with a kick. Great for just about anytime you need a light layer that looks smart!

Marled Mini Shawl

Gap Marled Shawl Neck $49

100% Cotton, Size XS – XXL

This is a great introductory luxe sweatshirt. It’s got great texture and color but the styling is relaxed. The shawl collar is also smaller and less “weird” than ones with a more aggressive shawl.


Sean John Nighthawk Sweatshirt $25 (Sale)

Cotton Poly, Size M – 3XL

Hot damn, this is fun! I love the bold print! My fashion forward readers should pair this with flat front black dress shorts, a french cuff shirt with pop color cuff links, and a simple low cut slip on shoe!


Rascals Flower Mesh Hoodie $110

Cotton/Poly Detail, Size S – XL

Florals done right! Fresh, urban, and young without skewing junior. Relaxed but stylish with a femme twist!

Obey Trippin

Obey Trippin’ Varsity Zip Up $84

Cotton, Size S – XL

This number from Obey is fun and fresh without being too casual or young. It’s a great almost tribal print in a familiar silhouette. This is great for jazzing up a plain wardrobe!

The Next Items Are Curated For People I Know:

The Scream

Deter Scream Pullover $59

Cotton/Poly, Size S – XL

I wish I could buy this sweater and go back in time. My high school boyfriend would so rock this as it’s one of his favorite paintings. This is perfect for an artist or anyone who appreciates a fine composition. AW’s if you’re reading this, go get this freaking shirt and get your Zoolander on!

Dip Dye

Brooklyn Cloth Dip Dye Pullover $54

Cotton/Poly, Size S – XL

This is the one my Husband gushed over during the selection process. It’s got great texture and ombré effects. It’s a great way to use color both bold and almost pastel, making it a wardrobe chameleon!

JR Special

The “JR Ladykiller Special” $54

Stretch Cotton, Size S – XL

JR, has there ever been a more perfect “pick-up jumper”? This sweatshirt automatically weeds out all undesirable women and will break the ice with the lonely cat lady of your dreams with nothing left to do but “bed them and wed them”. Up top, Bro!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on trendy sweatshirts and found something you liked. Thanks for for tolerating my micro targeted piece at my friends! Next up is our plus and petite women’s post with a wide selection to choose from. Sorry ladies, no epic cat jumpers :(


  1. 1


    loool, that guy posing in the galaxy kitty sweater must have felt sooooo cool :-) My boyfriend probably wouldn’t wear half of these sweaters. But I personally do like most of them. I like the sweater jacket a lot.

    • 2

      Erin says

      A friend of mine is a “cat man”. Like Crazy Cat Lady, but for men. He’s always said he can’t marry a woman who doesn’t love cats. So with this shirt, she’s got to have a sense of humor and love cats :)

      I’m sure your man would look good and feel comfortable in the more conservative ones, like the ones from Topman!

    • 4

      Erin says

      Excellent. I chose that one because it looked the nicest for the lowest price with the biggest size range. I saw a few cooler styles but they were acid yellow and neon pink! They also offer free shipping to Canada for orders over $50!

  2. 5


    I like the dip dye one and the asymmetric collar one the best :-)

    I’m not sure the wizard would be keen on all of them, but he’s more of a mystical robes man anyway 😛

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