Kitchen Tips: Elevate The Everyday With Flavored Oils

I love to cook but sometimes things can get a little dull. Switching up your flavor profiles is always a surefire way to get reinvigorated. You don’t have to do much. It can be as simple as drizzling on some flavored oils or substituting a small portion of cooking fat for the flavored stuff. I’ll show you my favorites and give you detailed tips on how to use them.


Lucini Fiery Chili EVOO $15

There are a lot of chili oils out there and Lucini is one of the best widely available options in the USA, Canada, and the UK. This oil is made from an Italian chili pepper that has medium heat and a nice floral flavor. It’s flavor is equally at home in Asian cuisine. It can be used on anything but I love it most on eggs. Just a few drops in an omlette mix or a frittata elevate the whole dish. It’s also great in marinades and used in salads of all sorts. It’s straddling the border of mild and medium so if you are sensitive to chili, try it sparingly until you get the hang of it.


Boyajian Garlic Oil $20

Another widely available option that really delivers on flavor. It has a very fresh garlic taste that doesn’t lean to one cuisine type or another. It’s bold enough to be used in the cooking process up to the oil’s natural smoke point. Past that it may taste burnt. I adore this in marinades and brine. It permeates the food and no chopping of garlic is needed. It’s also a great way to make garlic butter for bread or used instead of butter altogether!


Stonehouse Lisbon Lemon Oil $14

A little harder to find than some but worth an order. Lemon oil in general is great on just about anything but it’s a particular stand out on fish, chicken, green beans, and in any cream sauce. This also makes a great aioli. Just a drop or two will do.


The Smoked Olive Oil $24

This is a delicious oil that you must put on everything. Yes, everything. Just buy it!

All of these oils can be blended together in different proportions to the same marinades or used in different stages of cooking on meats, vegetables, or grains. I hope you found some inspiration here! I will warn you though often cheap oils often taste synthetic. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more on quality, a little goes a long way!


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    Erin says

    You have to be real careful with garlic oil, no one needs botulism! Always get the best you can afford!

    • 5

      Erin says

      Yes, you can use lemon oil alone. If you throw in a touch of soft cheese like Ch√®vre or some Avocado tossing the salad will turn it into a creamy dressing. I’f still add a few drops of vinegar though otherwise the salad may be too flat. But you can certainly skip the cutting lemons :)

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    Oh I’m so totally going to try the Fiery Chili in my omlette!!!! The smoked olive oil sounds great, too so I might give that one a try as well! I love anything with the word “smoked” in it, it just makes it all better haha.

    • 7

      Erin says

      It’s a bit more elegant then hot sauce because it’s clear! If you love smoked stuff, you need smoked salt!

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