Spring Weather And Puppy Fun!

I don’t normally share about my personal life but today was so nice outside I thought I’d share the first little slice of spring weather we’ve had here! We took our dog, Elroy, out for a good long walk and playtime session so he could enjoy the sunshine. It was so nice out with temperatures in the high 50’s and warm sun. Whenever it’s nice enough to walk outside, we go to our favorite spot in the neighborhood and use our Chuck It to get Elroy the maximum work out. Then once he’s got out most of his pent up energy we take a long slow walk. I brought along the camera to capture a few snaps to share with our readers!


Little wild daisies growing in the grass and verge!

Super Model Pup

Elroy giving you his best pose!

German Flower Vendor

Our local week-end flower vendor. He’s been at it three years or more!

German Guy

He decided we should take photo’s of each other at the same time!


Turnip Fields, the Hessen “Rio Linda”, and the neighboring village across from my ‘hood.


He’s so pumped! Target acquired; too close for chasing, switching to chomping!

Happy Dog

“What’s up, Bro?” He really wanted to show off that leaf!


ZOOM! Chase that ball!

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. I took a lot more but I didn’t want to subject you to too many doggie antics. I also got some great shots of some spring blooms on the fruit trees that turned out really well! I will certainly miss our little special spot with the nice view but hopefully we’ll find one in our new home that’s close by for slow weekend enjoyment romps like this one! Have you been blessed with spring weather yet? Have any good pictures to share?  We would love to see a little view into your world and hear what you’ve been up to!


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      Erin says

      It’s no wonder you love Guerlain then! They use violets in many other their scents and in their makeup line!

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