New Chapter Organics Omega 7 Review

Sea Buckthorn

I’m always on the lookout to do things to improve my health. I’ve got very strict standards on what I’ll try and even stricter standards for what I will buy again. I have bought the New Chapter Organics Omega 7  four times. I’ll keep buying them as long as I can afford to do so. I like them so much I’m willing to forgo other small luxuries to keep affording it. Let’s get to why I fancy these so much.

New Chapter Organics Omega 7 is a dietary supplement that has a lot of benefits claimed by the manufacturer.

Skin Conditions:  While I don’t have many skin conditions, I do have a mild case of Rosacea. This keeps flares down. I can eat spicy food, drink wine, and work out without any issues at all as long as I’m taking these pills. I find chemical sunscreens also irritate my skin less while using this. My nicks and cuts heal faster too!

Anti-aging: While taking the New Chapter Organics Omega 7, I have found that I do indeed look younger. My expression lines on my forehead are almost completely gone when paired with the Neutrogena night cream I use. My skin is much more oily. This isn’t a bad thing. My skin was ridiculously dry due to my health condition. It’s now back to what it was before I had my health decline, around the age of 20. I will warn you that there was a bit of an adjustment period where I got a few pimples and additional clogged pores because of the increased oil production. I’ve been constantly carded when buying booze since taking this.

Hair and Nails: My hair is actually regrowing in the areas it had thinned. It’s not a drastic difference but it is a noticeable difference. My hair isn’t falling out anymore and I don’t see many hairs lost in the shower or the brush. ALL my hair is growing like crazy. My brows have thickened and need constant grooming. My lashes are darker and fall out less. Shaving upkeep is insane. My nails are less brittle and I have fewer hangnails.

Digestion: I notice that I get less heartburn and foods that I have a sensitivity to are better tolerated. I also get less gas and have easier bowel movements. I know this is TMI, but it might help you if you have digestive issues.

Mucous Membranes: I no longer have dry eyes or sinuses. I used to need artificial tears daily. I rarely need them or my Nasonex any longer.

Urogenital health: Another TMI zone, beware! If you have any issues with dryness or blood flow down below this will help! I’m prone to bladder infections and I really don’t worry anymore because these help so much. I was noticing that in my 30’s my hormones were being a bit uppity and my body was not always working the same way it did when I was younger. No longer a problem with these pills! The effect was noticeable within two days but I didn’t have big issues in this department. I’d recommend older ladies and gents take more than one a day. Someone in their 30’s and 40’s can probably get away with one pill for these benefits.

In my opinion this supplement is one of the best on the market. I can’t recommend New Chapter Organics Omega 7 supplement highly enough!


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    I actually take quite a bit of supplements (vitamin D and B, calcium, magnesium and zinc) but nothing from the omega-insert-random-number department. I should look into it.

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      Erin says

      Omegas are good for you and this is one that’s really hard to get unless you live in a Nordic country!

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    Most supplements seem to upset my stomach for some reason! This one sounds good, though. I might give it a try! Thanks for the detailed review as always, Erin!

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    faithful follower says

    Thanks for the review! I will have to try these. Are they expensive and where do you buy them?

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    Oooh, I must try this! My psoriasis will probably be very happy, as well as my perpetually unhappy sinuses!


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