House Wine 2010 Mountain Merlot Review


My husband and I were really beat after our first day of moving into our new place. Earlier that day we noticed that one of our bottles of wine appeared to be leaking. We decided it was what was going with dinner. It happened to be the House Wine 2010 Mountain Merlot. The packaging isn’t inherently bad, it’s just not as sturdy as some screw tops I’ve seen. The wine was fine and tasted just like like it did at the tasting event. I had made an heirloom tomato salad and a flat bread pizza for dinner. We’re dealing with very limited resources as all of our kitchen essentials are en route from Europe. Luckily, the House Wine 2010 Merlot is an easy drinking wine perfect for sipping or quickly prepared homemade food.


House Wine 2010 Mountain Merlot comes in at 13.5% alcohol. It’s mostly Merlot grapes with a little bit of Syrah and Cab thrown in to round out the flavor. I’m not sure if the wine saw oak or not but it tastes like it may have spent a few months in neutral American oak. The wine was chilled to about 55 degrees and served in a stemless generic wine glass for tasting. Upon opening the wine, there was a faint berry bouquet. The Merlot is a very light berry red in color!


The nose on the wine is very soft with a berry accord, mocha, spice and violets. The taste is quite similar to the nose with the addition of raisin and a more pronounced baking spice accord. The wine is smooth and well blended with a medium finish. I think the majority of the flavor is actually more Syrah like than Merlot like. The wine is a bit low on acid and doesn’t develop too much in the glass. We felt there wasn’t much in the way of palette cleansing happening due to the low acid.

The bottom line is this is a great wine to drink on it’s own. It’s rare to come across a red you can easily drink on the porch that also has a depth of flavor. I would not serve this again with a robust dish. A more delicate flavored low fat meal might compliment the wine more. I know there are lot of people out there like my mom who can’t drink much wine because it’s too acidic and gives them heartburn. This is the perfect wine for people like that. For my husband and myself, we felt the wine was too lacking in acid for regular meal pairings in our house but we will certainly keep some on hand for those rare occasions when we want to drink wine without food. Don’t worry mom, I’ll stock up before you come to visit! On the standard Wine Spectator scale we give the House Wine 2010 Mountain Merlot an 84.



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