Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation Review

I saw this foundation about a year ago watching Lisa Eldridge videos. It looked so great on her, so natural and fresh. I decided to give it a try while living in Europe since it’s a brand carried in most German pharmacies. I try to avoid silicones so I was eager to try  it. The Lavera line is also gluten free, cruelty free, and free of many things you shouldn’t be putting on your face.  They are a German company and have had their products tested to some pretty exacting standards. Give them a look if you’ve had bad reactions to cosmetics or are looking for a very clean organic brand that focuses on natural beauty.

The Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation formula is a whipped mousse texture. It does have a problem separating in the bottle if you don’t shake it, which you can see in my swatch. The formula is a little hard to work with if you aren’t used to working with a silicone free foundation. You need to moisturize well. You need to warm it on the back of your hand and apply it in small sections with a press and roll motion with your finger pads to get the best and most consistent coverage. I’d recommend going over it with a damp sponge or blending/buffing brush to make sure it’s all buffed in. It’s got great coverage which I’d say is a medium to full coverage with a satin matte finish. It’s suitable for most skin types, though if you have active acne it might stick because of the lack of silicone. Wear time is good too! I got a solid 8 hours and it still looked good. I didn’t powder or prime either. It has Argan oil and other skin loving ingredients so if you can use it, it’s going to improve your skin over time.

Lavera Swatch Sun

Where this foundation falls massively short is the selection of colors. The porcelain shade I bought is the lightest and I’d say it’s an N/NC 20- 25. This happens to be a big issue with German and even French foundations. They have very limited selections of color in the medium skin tones and nothing on the pale or dark ends of the skin spectrum. I seriously looked like I had applied fake tan to my face and no amount of blending could help. I tried mixing it with sunscreen too. Still too dark. Instead of throwing it away I’m going to mix it with a lot of lotion and use it on my legs come summer.

Lavera Swatch

In conclusion the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation is a very nice product if you fall within it’s color range. Just be patient with it and learn how to work with it. It might be the perfect “green foundation” for you!


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    Too bad this didn’t work out for you! It does look a wee bit dark for your skin tone :( I know how you feel though, I’m super pale so I find it hard to find shades that match me. I’m in the process of reviewing a Revlon foundation which might work for you. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

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    Erin says

    I have Revlon CS Whipped in Ivory which is ok, a bit pink and dark! All their other foundations lightest shades are too yellow!

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    I bought a Lavera raspberry lip balm the last time I was in Germany – at an Allnatura, I think. It’s quite nice-smelling, but…kind of hard.. So… it doesn’t really spread over the lips without encouragement, and then it doesn’t really hydrate 😛 I’d say it definitely protects lips, but I’m not used to wearing a lip balm under a lip balm, LOL.

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      Erin says

      Vapour does make some nice stuff as does RMS. I haven’t tried Vapour’s foundations but they do make one light enough I think!

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    The formula sounds promising, Erin! From your swatch, I think the shade might be a good match for me. 😀 Though I’m not sure if I can use anything with Argan oil in it. I remember using Josie Maran’s Argan oil only to be bombarded with pimples in the following days, lol!

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      Erin says

      It’s really nice if you can use the shade and it plays very well with face oils! I used it directly on top of trilogy rosehip oil and it was really nice! Argan is a tough oil though if you are acne prone!

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    My experience with German Apotheken is that I get lost in a world of I-want-everything, and yet cannot afford anything. Unbelievable prices on skincare and makeup. It’s a shame there wasn’t a tester that you could swatch this to see if it matched your skintone.

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      Erin says

      I actually found German drugstore prices on par or lower then US prices. Even with the exchange rate. High end however is disastrously more.

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