Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Edna Valley

It had been a while since I’d managed to convince my white wine loving husband to let me get a really rich traditional red wine. Once he finally said to me “Go ahead and pick up a few reds” I knew I needed to sneak a Cab into the mix. I chose the Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with the steak and green beans I was making for that evening. I was hoping it would be review worthy and I’m happy to report it is!

The Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon comes in at 13.8% alcohol. This is a predominately Cabernet wine but this particular year had a bit of Merlot added in to round out the wine. I’m not sure how much fresh oak this wine saw as it tastes more like it was aged in neutral French oak. The bottle was in great shape and I had no cork issues. I used a stemless red wine glass for tasting the wine and it was aerated. We chilled it to just about 65 degrees. This wine had an incredibly strong nose even in the bottle and quickly filled the kitchen with the smell of blackberries baking in the summer sun! The wine is a deep violet-red with fantastic clarity!

Edna Valley in glass

As I mentioned, the nose on the Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon is monstrously strong and hinting at medium acidity. The aroma of blackberry is almost overwhelming to the senses. You can also pick up cherry, cedar, and a hint of chocolate and coffee. The wine tastes very similar to the nose but with addition of spice in the mid palette and a very dry vanilla in the finish. The cedar was weaker in the finish flavors than the nose might suggest. The finish was exceptionally long; the longest I’ve experienced in quite some time. The tannins aren’t as assertive as a Cabernet can be but they were not quite as supple as the average Pinot Noir. The Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon is a good middle ground.

The wine when paired with the steak was all mocha with a hint of blueberry. It did a good job of cleaning the palate without being too acidic on it’s own. The wine when paired with the green beans was a blueberry masterpiece with hints of spice and violets. Honestly, it was almost like drinking a different wine. With our chocolate coconut bar the wine went back to being more true to form but with a very big caramel note. After about an hour in the glass it developed a soft eucalyptus note in addition to slightly softening the flavors and tannins.

Both my husband and I enjoyed the Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon quite immensely. It was not the rich traditional Cab I was looking for but that is OK. This is the perfect Cabernet to introduce to your Pinot loving friends who might need a nudge into slightly bolder territory. On the standard Wine Spectator scale we give this wine an 89!

Have you tried this wine or have a suggestion for a robust Cabernet we might like? Let us know in the comments below!

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