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I spend a lot of time on the internet; too much perhaps. I should get out more. When I stay in the office and surf, I often find stuff that is too cool not to share! Now with CGR, I have a captive audience! ┬áThis is just a mishmash of stuff I’ve been wanting to show you all that is buzz worthy! Get ready for some seriously cool stuff!

First off is Deck Epic which you can find here. If you like Cards Against Humanity, you need this. If you don’t have that game, you need to go click on the link I provided and buy it now. Do not delay! Buy all the packs. Invite your friends over and maybe have a few drinks before you casually break the game out. You will laugh so hard your sides will hurt the next day! Deck Epic is an add-on to this game based on your friends. Once you’ve played a few times with them, order Deck Epic. They will be so pleased to find themselves dragged into the fray and you will laugh even harder if you don’t tell them!

West Elm has a great new wall paper. I know wallpaper has a bad rap but it’s not just for walls! You can use this on the top of a console, in bookshelves, or in that cute china hutch you saw at the thrift shop that needs a face lift to be great again.


I absolutely love the look of sliced agates! While I’d be happy to put it on my walls, especially a powder room or walk-in closet, I really think livening up furnishings or a large framed piece as art could be quite stunning!

Love your iPhone but wish it had better battery life and more storage? Your wish is granted with the Mophie Space Pack! Mophie outdid themselves! You can’t deny you want one. What an easy way to upgrade your phone without the hassle of dealing with your wireless company!

So there you have it, cool stuff you need found by CGR. I’m so getting a Space Pack and I’ll be ordering Deck Epic as well. I’ll be ordering the West Elm paper when I find that perfect piece to rehab!


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    I think the sliced agate would be a great visual pop for a small space or an accent decoration, as you suggest. If it were in my bedroom I think it would give me a headache. My eyes are drawn to tracing the nonsensical patterns and that hurts. It is pretty though!

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