Alteril Sleep Aid Review

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I’ve had trouble sleeping for just about as long as I can remember. I’m a light sleeper. Once I wake up I find it hard to fall back to sleep. I’m light sensitive and since I’ve put on some weight I can snore when my allergies are acting up. Let’s not even get into the pets or my loving husband. Needless to say I’m a mess! That’s where Alteril comes in!

I’ve tried things from the doctor. ALL of those left me feeling like a zombie or unable to get up when the alarm went off. Even though I was sleeping on those medications I never felt rested. I’ve tried over the counter sleep aids but they wore off in only about two hours. Alteril works differently for me. It helps lull me to sleep softly, like when you’re naturally tired. You can feel it working within 30 minutes but can feel the full effects in about an hour. You stay asleep but if you do wake up to use the bathroom or the fire alarm goes off, you’re ready to go. You can also easily fall back to sleep. You wake up feeling like you’ve slept well. You dream on this medication too and get through all the natural sleep stages. Even on the nights that I don’t take it I sleep better then before I had tried it. I will warn you that the first time you take this, it hits you like an “after Thanksgiving nap freight train” because of the Tryptophan.

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I would wholeheartedly recommend this supplement to anyone with one word of caution. Some medications may have an interplay with the ingredients so if you’re taking any heart or blood pressure medication check with your doctor first!

Have you tried Alteril? If you have something to add about the product or you have a question about Alteril, please use the comments below to contact CGR!


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    faithful follower says

    You had me until the “word of caution”. I think that I will shoot off an email to my doctor to see if I can take it instead of what I take now. Is that warning on the label?
    Thanks…so many helpful tips on your blog!!

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      Erin says

      Yeah, I’ve heard complications are rare but it’s worth double checking. Natural doesn’t always mean safe!

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    I’ve always been a terrible sleeper as well! At one point it got so bad that I saw a doctor about it, and they put me on Zolpidem which I think is the same thing as Ambien. At first it worked like a charm, but then my body became used to it (I guess) and I failed to fall asleep on it, even after a double dose. Gave me a few rrrreally bad trips… My boyfriend demanded I stopped taking them, so in the end I threw them away because I realized how scary those pills actually were. I now have a natural sleeping aid, but it doesn’t seem to help much. A friend once suggested that I try melatonin. Since this has melatonin in it I might give it a go.

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      Erin says

      Melatonin is good but with the Tryptophan in this it really works well! I’ll post something about sleep soon too!

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    Randy says

    I have been using Alteril for over a year, maybe 2. It works great, sleep great, wake up when I need to….

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