Low & Mid Heeled Summer Sandals

One thing I loved about living in Europe was the access to high quality shoes! I especially loved seeing all the women in their summer sandals. European women usually wear interesting low and mid heeled sandals in the summer. These sandals are comfortable enough to walk in but with just enough height to give the figure a bit of a boost or make sure your skirt or dress isn’t dragging on the ground. While I don’t think you need to wear heels to look elegant, wearing them can make you look more “put together” than flats. I’ve combed through some online retailers to inspire you and selected my favorites to show off. There are one or two (OK five or six, don’t judge me!) here that just might fall into my e-cart!


Anthropologie Atropos Gladiator Wedges

Atropos Gladiator Wedge $385 

Sizes 36 – 40, 2″ inch heel, Leather

These are a pretty great example of the elegant summer sandals I’d see. Eye catching but versatile and oh so comfortable!

Anthropologie Siempre Sandal

Siempre Sandal $140

Sizes 36 – 41, 1″ inch heel, Leather

Also available in rose gold

An elegant Birkenstock alternative in bronze or rose gold!

Anthropologie Dakota

Dakota Sandal $110

Sizes 5 – 11, 1″ inch heel, Leather and Cork

A strappy gladiator with a little bit of height. Perfect with your favorite shorts.

Anthropologie Edgewood Sandal

Edgewood Sandal $65

5.5 – 11, 1.5″ inch heel, Leather and Cork

Perfect blend of color, elegance, comfort, and value. These are my personal pick from Anthro!


Matt Bernson Coppelia Sandal

Matt Bernson Coppelia Sandal $175.95

Sizes 5 -11, 1.5″ inch heel, Leather and Suede

Mixed metallic perfection in a sophisticated silhouette.

Cole Haan Taylor Wedge Sandal

Cole Haan Taylor Wedge Sandal $178

Sizes 5 – 11, 3″ inch heel, Leather and Rubber

This is a wedge you can take to the office but still wear for summer cocktails or the farmer’s market!

Isola Pazia Sandal

Isola Pazia Sandal $89.95

Sizes 4 -12, 2″ inch heel, Leather and Synthetic

Add some shine to your outfit with these comfortable and classy wedges!

Born Nikka Sandal

Born Nikka Sandal $99.95

Sizes 6 – 11, 1″ inch heel, Leather and Rubber

Also available in Black and Nude

These are my favorite Gladiator sandals out of the 700+ sandals I looked at for this post. They are quality shoes (I saw them at Nordies up close and personal) and oh my are they comfy. I also like how ageless the design is while still being modern. I could certainly see Helen Mirren in these!

Tory Burch Savannah Wedge

Tory Burch Savannah Wedge $250

Sizes 5 – 11, 1.75″ inch heel, Suede and Cork

I love the Hamptons chic silhouette in a pop color!

Sofft Bernia Sandal

Sofft Bernia Sandal $99.95

4 – 11, 1.5″ heel, Leather and Rubber

Here is a comfort brand that’s hitting the jackpot with style. The best part is: they come in wide widths too!

Sofft Mena Espidrille

Sofft Mena Espidrille $99.95

Sizes 4 – 11, 3″ inch heel with 1″ inch platform, Leather and Rubber

Many colors and widths!

A rainbow of colors and a very comfortable secure fit that provides a lot of height without sacrificing posture.

Trotters Mickey Wedge

Trotters Mickey Wedge Sandal $88.95

Sizes 5 – 12, 2.25 ” inch heel, Nappa Leather and Synthetic

Comes in multiple colors and widths

I call these “Saltwaters for adults” because of the classic shape with updated styling and a bit of a wedge. These are a great buy!

Ecco Rivas Wedge

Ecco’s Rivas Wedge $149.95

Sizes 4.5 – 10, 1.75″ inch heel, Suede

Also available in black

I love this one because  it’s versatile. I think you could probably wear it three seasons of the year and to any occasion. I also love the quality and fit of Ecco’s shoes with their slightly smaller heel cup and wide toe box. I’ll certainly be trying these on!

Vince Camuto Eliana Bootie

Vince Camuto Eliana Bootie $118.95

Sizes 4 – 12, 3.25″ inch heel, Leather

Multiple colors and finishes

One of Nordstrom’s most popular sandals so far this year is actually a bootie hybrid. I can see the appeal as it’s an interesting shape that can be worn all year. They have great reviews! I’d have to try them on because I’m short with muscular legs, so they might not look as great as some of the photo’s on the internet show!

Bella Vita Padma Sandal

Bella Vita Padma Sandal $89.95

Sizes 5 – 12, 1.5 ” inch heel, Leather and Metallic

Also available in white and multiple widths

Looking for a sandal for ultra wide feet? These have the whole range of sizes in wide wide width too! Not to mention they are just plain cool!

Vince Camuto Ellezi Cutout Suede Sandal

Vince Camuto Ellezi Cutout Sandal $ 117.95

Sizes 5 – 10, 3 ” inch heel, Suede

I like this bootie hybrid because it’s got perforations (and you know how I love the perforated trend) plus it’s striking dark navy color is a great alternative to black!

Me Too Racer Sandal

Me too Racer Sandal $98.95

Sizes 5.5 – 11, 1.75 inch heel, Suede

Also comes in nude

Dayum girl! I love this color and the style is pretty fun too!

Camper Lila Sandal

Camper Lila Sandal $149.95

Size 35 – 41, 2.5″ inch heel with a .5″ inch platform, Synthetic

I was actually eyeing this shoe right before I left the EU and luckily I found it here in the US! I really like the cork look and light nude color of the shoe!

Sofft Ilene Wedge

Sofft Ilene Wedge $99.95

Sizes 6 – 11, 3″ inch heel, Suede

Multiple colors available

I really like the cut of these wedges. As I mentioned earlier, being on the shorter side and having muscular legs can make finding flattering shoes for the bare leg season a chore. With the cut on these bad boys your legs will look longer and more shapely thanks to cleverly placed straps!


Sam and Libby Niles Wedges

Sam and Libby Niles Wedge $34.99

Sizes 5 – 10, 2.5″ inch heel, Synthetic

Also available in black

Looking for a vegan alternative? These budget friendly wedges have a nice height and nod to the gladiator style. It’s a great way to funk up classic pieces for less.

Merona Earline Wedge

Merona Earline Wedge $24.99

sizes 5.5 -11, 3.5″ inch heel, Textile and Rubber

Also available in gold

I went to Target to try these on but they were out in my size and completely sold out of the gold color. The gold is super sophisticated for the price. I will try to find a pair in my size in store just to check fit and heel height. If it’s good I’ll order both colors online. This is a great leg lengthening cut, not to mention a dead ringer for a pair of designer shoes I saw for over $500! I won’t tell if you won’t!

Sam and Libby Ainsley Sandal

Sam and Libby Ainsley Sandal $29.99

Sizes 6 – 10, 1″ inch heel, Synthetic

Also available in black

Another great looking summer sandal at a great price. These are also sold out in my area in the store. I’m tempted to just buy them online and return to Tarjay in person if they don’t fit! These also got rave reviews online!

Old Navy

Old Navy Wedges

Old Navy Wedges $26.94

Sizes 6 – 10, 2″ inch heel, Synthetic

Available in many colors

When I saw these at ON I think my jaw hit the floor. These are very close to some current J.Crew and Tory Burch styles for a heck of a lot less. They have a bevy of colors and finishes but I pictured the silver because it’s hard to find a true silver colored sandal!

Do you have a favorite pair or another great summer sandal you’d like to share? If so let us know in the comments below!


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    I like the Dakota sandal! I love that gladiator style 😉 I actually went shoe shopping today and saw a lot of these. Didn’t get a pair though. Need to get over my toe issues first.

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    Ack, tell me about the shoe selection in Europe!! Here in NZ, things are pretty abysmal, really, unless you feel like paying $700 a pair for designer things that are always too narrow for my feet, LOL.

    There’s too much pretty in this post for me to pick a favourite! If pressed, I’d say…the purple Ecco wedges! (yes, I am purple-biased)

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