ECCO Collin Sneaker Review

My husband is the type of guy who wants to get the most out of everything in his wardrobe. This leads to many items doing double or triple duty. The entire time I’ve known him he’s only had three pairs of shoes: running shoes, hiking boots, and motorcycle boots. I’m all for minimalism but he doesn’t have casual shoes, dress shoes, or any summer shoes. Finally after 6 years he says “I need casual shoes” completely out of the blue. The gauntlet was then thrown down. He challenged me to find a shoe that would go with all this casual clothes but also business casual outfits up to and including casual suits and sports coats. Talk about a tall order!

A few weeks ago I saw a B list celebrity wearing a pair of sleek leather sneakers with a bit of a retro look on the red carpet. He was wearing a casual suit with no tie. It was a great look so that is what I wanted to recreate for him because I figured it would meet the challenge. I think what we found may have actually been the shoe I saw on the red carpet.

Ecco Collin Sneaker

ECCO Collin Sneaker $140

Sizes 6 -13, Leather, Available in Black and Stone

Collin Ecco Sideview

Collin Ecco Front View

After going to a few different stores I convinced my husband to go to Nordstrom. Nordstrom is great because they carry a wide array of styles and brands. My husband has a very wide foot so that can limit his choices. ECCO is a perfect brand for him because they have wider shoes with a tight heel cup.

The ECCO Collin Sneaker is exceptionally comfortable according to my husband. He says that they feel great but they have stretched just slightly during wear so keep that in mind. There is no uncomfortable breaking in period. So far they have matched with whatever we’ve thrown at them. Part of that has to do with the color. The box and the website say this is a black shoe but it’s a very deep charcoal with a blue undertone. That makes it surprisingly versatile.

The only negative thing I can say about the ECCO Collin Sneaker is that it’s easily scuffed. The scuffs don’t look bad and they add to the retro look. If you are a person who needs shoes to look like they just came out of the box months later this is not the shoe for you. Overall I’d rate this shoe as an A-. It’s super comfortable, versatile, and my husband loves it.

Do you have a favorite Men’s shoe that goes with everything? Let us know in the comments below!


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    faithful Follower says

    Yes, I can see how these would work for different degrees of casual wear. Good pick, thanks for the review.

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