CGR Interviews HGTV’s Jonathan Scott

Today we’ve had the pleasure of talking to Jonathan Scott who is one of the most recognizable faces on HGTV. Jonathan and his brother Drew have two hit shows on the network: Property Brothers and Brother VS Brother. Both shows feature renovation madness, great design, and jaw dropping transformations. The new season of Brother VS Brother is premiering June 8th on HGTV. He’s with us today to give us the dirt on the new season as well as how to spruce up your space for summer and beyond!

Jonathan has given us some great advice, especially about using Tide Oxi to treat old patio furniture cushions. He wasn’t kidding that this stuff can handle just about any job. My favorite use for Tide Oxi is actually as a grout cleaner. You make a paste with a few drops of water and apply it to the stained grout. With light stains, just let is sit on the grout for a few seconds and wipe it up. For deeply stained grout, let it sit for a few hours and scrub it off with an old toothbrush. I’ve also used this to remove marinara stains from the plastic front of my white dishwasher! If you have any questions about using Tide Oxi for those those thrift store finds don’t hesitate to tweet @MrSilverScott for his advice. Over the next few weeks we’ll talk about some ways to apply his other knowledge bombs to bring a little of that HGTV magic to your place.

I hope all of you enjoyed this interview!  needs your support to win this year! Check out HGTV or  to find out more about the contestants, shows, or of course the Scott brothers themselves!

If you have any questions for the CGR team about this interview or the products and tips mentioned ask us in the comments below!


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    faithful Follower says

    Nice! That must have been super exciting! Good plugs for Tide! Thanks for the tips done with eye-candy!!!! Will alert friends.

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      Erin says

      No! He’s an American/Canadian TV star so there is little reason you would know him. If you like home improvement shows though you might want to see if you can find them online. The brothers have a bit of an adversarial relationship which makes for fun dialog.

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