Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Review

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I was lucky enough to have the chance to test out the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner before the June 27th release date thanks to the staff at! They were looking for some real people to test this out, because lets face it, models and glitterati all have legendary eyeliner skills. This clever girl is as mundane as it gets. In the name of full disclosure we’re about to get real about the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner.

First off I’d like to say that while I love eyeliner, I don’t have gel or liquid liner expertise of any sort. Oddly enough, I’m the master of loose kohl and pencils. I’ve purchased about a million gel liners in the hopes that I will be able to make them respect my authority but I always find myself defeated. So I’ve spent $30 or more per attempt on something that will be dried up and nasty before I’ve had enough time to perfect my skills. I’d almost given up hope on my beauty white whale. Then I was introduced to Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner. It was a love at first sight kind of thing, something straight out of a cheesy young adult novel. As with all relationships the shine wore off some once we really got up in each other’s business. No love is perfect, it’s a constant negotiation between partners and that is exactly what you will get when you fall for Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner.


1. This stuff is black as black can be. It’s a matte black that’s neither warm nor cool. Too many liners out there claiming to be black and matte are neither. Trust me, this one didn’t lie on it’s profile just to get more views.

2. It knows about commitment! It’s not going to leave you alone. It’s with you at the gym, the pool, the shower, and the beach. It will stand with you through all types of weather.

3. Your love will stay fluid thanks to the click pen style packaging. Bring tissue to clean up though post use because Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner likes to get dirty.

4. This liner is flexible: The flex tip goes deep to make sure all the crevices are filled in (cue Barry White).

5. Once you’ve spent some quality time together the application is a breeze. You just have to understand that Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner performs best when it’s held at an angle so your using just the tip (‘Aaawww yeah, girl, it’s business time!’)

6. Like any quality love affair, Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner knows when you need a little space. Just give it a slow rub down with your favorite oil and give it a call when you’re ready talk centerpieces and finally set that date.

close up

Close up!


iPhone close up of the finished product when you use the right amount at the right angle!


1. Sometimes your love hits a few bumps: Depending on how much liner you’ve clicked into the pen you may not have a perfectly smooth line every time.

2. Performance issues can happen to anyone even when you’re deeply in love but this love dries so fast it’s hard to work with at times. Other times you appreciate it’s wham bam thank you m’am dry time because lets face it, sometimes you just want a quickie!

3. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner knows that sometimes your lashes get all the compliments so it sabotages their curl and separation by spitting little liner chunks onto them if you aren’t using it’s preferred angle.

4. Sometimes gettin’ real can be a bit uncomfortable. When you first put it on it can feel like your eye’s lash line is getting shrink wrapped!

5. Most of the time it’s respectful when you need your personal space. Sometimes it comes back too soon but instead of being Lloyd Dobler it turns into a Lifetime TV movie boyfriend. You know the one, too clingy and he might be a serial killer? When you try to get some me time, it can stain your shower, face, and hands! You can hear it whispering for hours “why don’t you love me” or “you said our love was forever” creeping you out while you are trying to sleep. It might even try to hurt you out of spite by getting in your eye with it’s little sandy scratchy bits during it’s conciliatory oil massage!


This is what happens when you don’t use quite enough product. The line isn’t quite even.

In all seriousness, this liner will really look the same from dawn till dusk. I was able to wear it all day in all sorts of conditions. Even if you have allergy puffy eyes, oily lids, or hooded lids, once it’s set it’s not going anywhere until you remove it. You won’t even need a primer. You can go bold or conservative with the line. Employing different application techniques and brushes you can do some more advanced eyeliner tricks. Just spend some time getting the hang of it and you’ll be pretty happy with the product. Sephora will be retailing the product for $24 which is pretty affordable compared to other high end gel liners that will dry out much quicker. If you can’t wait to start your love affair you can sign up early on in hopes of meeting your true love sooner!

Photo on 6-8-14 at 2.15 PM

A finished day look with Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner!

Have you already tried Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner? Do you have another gel liner that’s you love? Dish all the dirt in the comments below!


  1. 1


    Thanks for the thorough review! I’ve been wondering about this one. I sure love that it’s deep deep black, and that it’s matte. And that it lasts. I’d probably have to go through a little trial and error to learn how to really make it work for me though. I’m not too skilled with eyeliner.

  2. 3


    Wow…definitely a detailed review :) though not sure about getting the correct amount of product out from the pen :( still not such an exert on gel liners…but good if it works well :)

  3. 5


    Hey Erin, thanks so much for the review! I like how you explained everything so clearly! I’m pretty sure gel liner is my true love, but it sounds like this one is definitely worth a try! No idea when it’ll finally be available here though. It could take a while but I hope it’s soon!

    • 6

      Erin says

      I’m honestly surprised how long it takes some things to get to the EU. When I was living there I actually drove into eastern France to get Naked 3! They were sold out in the 2 hours it took me to drive there from Frankfurt. On the other hand, having access to all the great European brands at much lower prices then the US is a great blessing!

  4. 7

    kjh says

    great, thorough review. funny, too! had to return the kat von d liquid lipstick, bec. THAT SHRINK WRAP DEAL!!! that totally skeeves me out (from the Italian schifos’, sp?). with old lady lips, i can’t afford for them to thin down! Sounds like this might do the same. Might try in-store (love benefit in general + esp. the they’re real masc,) but it’s probably a pass. i read you via the links on Temptalia. it’s nice to just be able to comment, rather than sign in via some other intermediary.

    • 8

      Erin says

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s certainly worth trying if you have $24 to blow. I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since I got it! Stop by anytime, we love company!

  5. 9

    Michele Dicola says

    I really hope we get to see your new do! I cut my hair too! But I digress .
    I have found my favorite eyeliner in the whole world : Jhordana ! The colors are right & so are the prices !
    I especially like the black shimmer, eggplant , & brown .
    They go on smooth , quick , & are waterproof ! The best part about the deal .
    When I hit Walgreens I pick up a few to put in my makeup case !
    I don’t want to ever run out !

    • 10

      Erin says


      I’ve been interested in their liners too. I’ve been out of the country for several years so I’ve got a lot of catchup to do!

  6. 11


    I am so late to the party on this post XD Loved it though, the romance theme cracked me up! 😀

    I really feel like I need to try this out in person. I’ve watched/read SO many reviews, and I still feel like it’s a thing that you actually have to use in person to know what’s going on. I do appreciate your insight, though! it’s $45 here, though, so I think for the moment I’ll be working on my pot of Perversion 😉

    • 12

      Erin says

      It’s fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. I find it’s a little thick for a no makeup or low makeup look straight from the tube so if I just need a little definition I’ll still use a brush.


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