Cost Plus World Market Haul & Mini-Reviews

Safari Runner

Cost Plus World Market Safari Warm Stripe Rug $70(2.5×9) and $40(3×5)

When we first got back to the USA we were facing a bit of dilemma. Other than what was packed for the plane ride, we didn’t have any access to our possessions. We knew we’d be without our stuff for months as it made the long trek around the globe. Unfortunately we needed a few essentials immediately to be able to cook and make the bare house feel a little more homey. I’ve already reviewed the only pot we purchased here. One of my first stops for budget friendly comforts was Cost Plus World Market. I’ve loved this store ever since I was a kid and over the years I’ve happily collected many items from them! Luckily, I’d found just what I was looking for in short order.

Safari Rug on the floor

Cost Plus World Market Safari Warm Stripe Rug $70(2.5×9) and $40(3×5)

First up is the Safari Stripe rug collection. I’ve got the runner in my galley kitchen and 3×5’s in both my laundry room and entryway. They are surprisingly stationary and durable without rug pads. They add some much needed color and texture. It’s also a great way to try to make these 70’s cabinets I can’t change look intentional. They also stay pretty clean and are easy to care for with just a shake outside to remove loose dirt.

Cost Plus Towel

Green Stripe Mugla Kitchen Towel $4

This 100% cotton beauty is fast drying and perfect for drying delicate glassware. It also adds a nice global flair to the kitchen.

Cost Plus White Ginger CandleWhite Ginger

White Tea and Ginger Candle $13

This smells amazing in the jar but doesn’t diffuse that scent too much in the air. While it’s burning the scent is very light unless it’s in a smaller space like a bathroom. Even then it’s a sheer scent that is noticeable but it’s not cloying or hitting you over the head with it’s aroma. If most scented candles are too strong for you then this is your new BFF. I love how white the wax is and that it has a lid to keep out the dust bunnies!

Verbena Candle

Verbena Hobnail Candle $15

I no longer see this available on their website but you might still be able to find it in the store. At first I thought this was a dud. The secret is you need to burn it a few times to really get the scent pumping. This is probably the best candle I’ve ever bought in terms of return on investment. The smell is heavenly and heady. It’s like rolling in figs, cream, tuberose, verbena, gardenia, fresh cut grass and white woods. I don’t normally like these types of scents but it’s got just enough sharpness to keep it from being cloying. Even though it’s pretty girly my husband likes it too. Plus, look how cute is the glass jar it comes in!

Blue Moon

Blue Moon by Melissa Graves Brown $140

A few weeks after my initial purchases at Cost Plus World Market, I got a surprise in my email. I’d signed up for their rewards program which has actually been QUITE rewarding. They told me about a sale they were having on art and sent me a coupon. I’d even received a bonus cash reward for signing up I hadn’t used yet. Needless to say, I paid next to nothing for this stunning piece that’s destined to be the color palette for my guest room. My only disappointment was the frame is not as pictured. It’s a medium cherry tone wood frame but I love the print so much I don’t care!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my home decor haul from Cost Plus World Market. If you’re looking for quality and budget friendly furnishings or home goods you can’t beat their prices or selection! If you pop by your local store, get the brochure on the rewards program because you can actually save a lot of money on things you buy all the time like coffee and wine as well as those big ticket pieces.

Do you shop at Cost Plus World Market? Have a favorite piece you’d like to share with us from their collections? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. 1

    faithful follower says

    Saw the pic at Cost Plus months back and loved it! Guess I will be seeing it again soon. The rug, towels, and candles are nice, too. Thanks!

  2. 3


    I don’t have access to Cost Plus World Market where I live unfortunately! :( That White Tea and Ginger Candle sounds like my kind of candle! I don’t like most scented candles because sometimes the scent is too strong. But this one is tempting! :)

    • 4

      Erin says

      They do ship and often times have free shipping events. They have a few stores in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville. Maybe if you go shopping in a big city you can stop and get it!

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