6 Healthy Food Choices to Boost Your Functionality Daily

Food provides the energy we need to go about our daily activities. A hunger experience is not an experience worth repeating. When we go hungry, we find even simple tasks difficult to do.

As essential as food is, not all foods are healthy to eat, especially in large quantities. Doing something as necessary as eating right can boost our immunity to diseases. We also enjoy both long term and short term health benefits from making smart choices.

Below are some healthy food choices to energize your body. Nutritionists recommend this food picks for healthy living.

1.   Coffee

You’re wondering why coffee is on this list. There’s so much misconception about coffee. Contrary to what you heard, taking coffee is healthy. Problems only arise when you abuse it by drinking it excessively.

Drinking a cup of coffee helps energize your body for the day’s work. It helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, skin cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease in the long run. The ingredient responsible for coffee for disease prevention is antioxidants.

Coffee helps burn excess body fat. It increases the physical performance level (caffeine is responsible for this benefit). It also contains essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, and niacin.

The perfect combination to consume with coffee is low-fat milk. I know you like crème, but it’s rich in calories. We all know that consuming vast amounts of calories is not the best health tip.

2.   Almonds

Full of essential ingredients such as Vitamin B and Magnesium, almonds are healthy energy foods. I like almonds because they don’t require much preparation. They are the healthy equivalent of snacks. Eating them as snacks during work breaks helps boosts health and energy levels.

Low Vitamin B in the body leads to fatigue, low level of concentration, and irritability. Take Vitamin B rich almonds for greater functionality during the day.

Avoid the consumption of too many almonds. Twenty-three almonds, which are equal to an ounce of almond serving, is the limit. Anything above that daily and you are at risk of high-calorie intake.

3.   Salmon

The salmon fish isn’t known as the brain food out of sheer curiosity. Salmon helps brain function. Studies show that the nutrient, Omega-3 fatty acids, helps boost moods and reduce depression. It’s the food of the brain.

The nutrient is also good for the heart. It lowers the blood pressure and helps get rid of bad cholesterol from the body.

It’s rich in protein, which provides enough energy for the body. Regular eating of salmon helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4.   Banana

Banana is rich in energy-producing nutrients. The fruit contains nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and Vitamin B6. Thèse nutrients stimulate energy levels and muscle functions.

Bananas are sweet fruits we can take as snacks to boost falling energy levels. It contains Vitamin C, which is a vital vitamin that boosts the immune system. The manganese in the banana is good for clear skin. It aids digestion and helps keep your heart and blood pressure healthy.

5.   Oatmeal

There’s a reason why nutritionists recommend oatmeal in their lists of breakfast foods. It’s a healthy meal that provides long-lasting energy throughout the day.

Oatmeal has a high fiber content. Fiber takes time to digest in the body. In the process of digestion, you get the energy to power you for long periods. It also helps lower blood sugar levels.

6.   Ginger

Another healthy food choice is ginger. Ginger has massive health benefits for the body. The spice helps boost the immune system and prevents the breakout of diseases in the body.

Gingerol, the component responsible for its medicinal properties, is useful for treating nausea, especially morning sickness. It reduces muscle pain, soreness in the throat, lowers blood sugar, and treats indigestion.

Health Food Party

We digest a lot of unhealthy food from parties and events. It’s a culture we all struggle to unlearn. Start a health food party pattern by hosting a little outdoor party in your yard.

You can serve healthy foods during any events under a pop-up canopy. The occasion can be an office retreat, a vacation, time-out with friends, or just a regular day outdoors. The goal is to help promote a healthy food culture.


The food we consume is not always the healthiest for our bodies. We eat food that hampers our daily functionalities. Amazingly, we wonder next why we are feeling nauseated and performing below par.

We pay little heed to the nutritional value of the food we eat. Nutritionists can say all they like about the harmful effects of some food; we don’t care.

Health food choices are vital to better productivity in our daily activities. There are healthy foods that release energy into the body and help boost our immune system. When we take these nutrient-rich foods regularly, we get stronger and record higher physical performance levels.