Best Lip Treatments for Dry Lips

When your lips are all dry and chapped, a glass of water followed with a swish of lip balm may not get your lips back to normal. Again, you cannot repair cracked lips in a day. However, with discipline and patience, your lips can go back to their healthy state.

Water and Lip Balm for a Fast Fix

 When you need your lips to look supple for a day before you get a treatment, you can rely on simple fixes such as drinking plenty of water and applying lip balm. When you are dehydrated, lips are among the first parts of your body to show the dehydration. Replenish your body water by taking enough water-dense vegetables.

A gentle lip balm comes with natural moisturizing agents such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut butter, and olive oil, among others. When applied for a day, they will give your lips a healthy look and provide the much-needed relief. If you apply lip balm for a long time, your lips will turn to their healthy moisturized self.

 Oils and Dry Lip Treatments

If your lips are next-level dry and ultra-tender, you can gently rub oil on them to offer relief for cracked lips. The oil will help moisturize your lips and protect them from further damage. The best oils are natural nut oils and seed butter such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and shea butter.

Some products especially lip balms and lip moisturizing products have a dry lip treatment formula. These products feature Hydra IQ shea butter, wheat germ oil, and bisabolol; all these ingredients treat dry and chapped lips. They work by rehydrating and softening your lips.

 Using a Humidifier

A humidifier comes in handy during winter when the air around you is dry. It is also a great addition if you live or work in a building where the air is excessively dry. A humidifier moistens the air around you, and in turn, this moistens your lips.


Exfoliation is a simple way of removing the dead skin on your lips. When the dead, flaky top layer of the skin is off, fresh young skin remains. Gently rub a mixture of coconut oil and sugar on your lips and clean the lips with a splash of warm water.


Aloe Vera, Rose Water, and Honey

These three products soothe sore lips and prevent further cracking. They also provide deep moisturization. Apply for about 15 minutes before washing them off.