Health Benefits of Drinking a Red Wine

Whether red wine is good or bad, it’s debatable. Some religious leaders feel it’s not advisable, while health experts say moderate consumption is good for one’s health. Its excessive use is harmful. The controversy lies in the quantity of what is reasonable or excess. What is the composition of red wine? Red wine is made from fermented grapes. The difference in various brands on the shelves is the color, taste, and flavors added to it. The alcohol content ranges from 12 to 15 percent.

Best Lip Treatments for Dry Lips

When you need your lips to look supple for a day before you get a treatment, you can rely on simple fixes such as drinking plenty of water and applying lip balm. When you are dehydrated, lips are among the first parts of your body to show the dehydration. Replenish your body water by taking enough water-dense vegetables.

A gentle lip balm comes with natural moisturizing agents such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut butter, and olive oil, among others. 

MOST Important Diet Philosophy: The 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule got a lot of press last year. Surprisingly, it’s a very old idea called the Patero Principle. The original 80/20 rule was created in 1906 by an Italian economist by the name of Vilfredo Patero. He based the idea of observations from his garden and how 20% of the pea pods contained 80% of the peas. He then applied this same thought to land ownership and wealth. It was then proven by the United Nations in 1922 that in fact, 20% of the world’s population controlled just over 80% of the wealth.

What happens to your skin when you stop using make up

This weekend several of my friends wanted to go out to welcome home another friend of ours who had just come back from a lengthy overseas business trip. Alas, my wallet was not up to the task of paying for a full evening out. Normally this would involve paying for at least dinner for my husband and me, a bar or club where copious amounts of overpriced drinks would be purchased and finally many cab rides including the trip home. 

Organic Skin Care For Less

I was cruising the internet this morning, doing my Sunday routine of coffee while reading beauty reviews, when I stumbled on an article from Lucky magazine that sent me into a frenzy. One of their beauty editors was talking about how great Acure Organic Skin Care is for sensitive skin. I’d never heard of it at all so I went into full research mode. After reading a ton of glowing independent reviews, Amazon reviews, Makeupalley reviews, and Walgreens reviews I’m crushing on these products hard!

The Health Advantages of Using Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss

Organic shampoo for hair loss is gentle on your scalp, hair, and skin.

Unlike traditional synthetic shampoos, they don’t expose your skin and hair to harsh chemicals. The shampoos don’t contain harmful chemicals with potential long-term effects.