Health Benefits of Drinking a Red Wine

Whether red wine is good or bad, it’s debatable. Some religious leaders feel it’s not advisable, while health experts say moderate consumption is good for one’s health. Its excessive use is harmful. The controversy lies in the quantity of what is reasonable or excess.

What is the composition of red wine?

Red wine is made from fermented grapes. The difference in various brands on the shelves is the color, taste, and flavors added to it. The alcohol content ranges from 12 to 15 percent.

The major red wine types are

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Shoraz
  • Zinfandel
  • Pinot Noir
  • Malbec
  • Nebbiolo among others

Let’s focus on the health benefits of moderate red wine consumption.


  1. Prevents heart disease

The French Paradox is a theory of the fact that there is a noted low rate of heart disease among the French population.

The fact that their diet consists of a high level of saturated fat; it’s expected they have a high rate of heart-related illnesses. Scientists attribute this to the inclusion of red wine as part of the food culture of the French.

2. Reduces inflammation

Red wine is considered as an oxidizing agent. In simple terms, it helps the body to gain electrons, which reduces any chemical reaction in the body. Naturally, the grapes’ skins have a high level of oxidizing compounds.

The health benefit of this is the reduction of body inflammation. Moreover, it reduces any effect of body damages as a result of the same.

3. An anti-aging agent

Resveratrol, the primary component in red wine, is renowned for improving heart health. Besides, a literature review of why the French population had a low mortality rate, it proved that red wine prolongs the lives of the community.

4. Prevents tooth decay

The same study carried out several tests on various populations on how red wine affected, preventing any tooth decay. The discovery was quite exciting. There was a rampant case of tooth decay on a farm in France. Surprisingly, it affected an entire village, but there was one specific village that never got a single instance of tooth decay.

Scientists came in to explain the misery. It was found out that it was an area renowned for drinking red wine. It’s like it has a counter effect on the water component that caused massive tooth decay on the people.

That’s how the scientists discovered the relationship between red wine and the prevention of any tooth rot.

5. Prevents stroke

The moment there is improved heart health, then be sure you have minimal cases of stroke. Red wine is responsible for the prevention of blood clots.

A small blood clot in the body system blocks the flow of blood and oxygen in the brain in general. Depending on the level of damage, the first step is a stroke, if not death.

6. Prevents diabetes

Diabetes as one of the lifestyle diseases is preventable, depending on your lifestyle and general eating habits. A high amount of sugar is the leading cause of diabetes.

Red wine is helpful to cut down the sugars into glucose; easily absorbed in the body without any harm. It explains why the older population- commonly attacked by diabetes- loves red wine in moderation.

Red wine doesn’t replace your diabetes management drugs. Conversely, it’s not the only way to prevent diabetes; you have to practice a total lifestyle change in terms of diet and exercises to keep the disease at bay.

7. Prevents and aids in Cancer treatment

Still, on Resveratrol, a group of hematologists came up with a study that proves that this component in red wine comes in handy to prevent and treat some cancers.

It is as a result of the fact that it helps in suppressing the work of the carcinogens that aid body damage from the cancer cells.

Have a cup of red wine not only to relax your body and mind but also as a form of medicine for general health.