Useful Tips to Remove Lipstick Marks

The stress you go through when removing a lipstick stain on a cloth is horrible. Whether you accidentally spill on your favorite dress or your partner mistakenly smeared it on it during the “intimate” moments; it’s all a hassle.

Never worry when you are equipped with a few hacks on the best way to remove the stain.

You only need to consider

  • The type of fabric
  • The lipstick labels for any warnings
  • The stained area
  • The laundry instructions on the fabric

 All these are vital to choosing the best method to use without interfering with your dress.

 What are some of the available options you can try at home?

1. Smear rubbing alcohol on the stained area

Depending on the clothing instructions, alcohol comes in handy to remove the stain without interfering with the other parts of the garment –preferably cotton; due to its absorbent nature.

 Take a white cloth, dip it in rubbing alcohol, and dab it on the stained area. DONT SQUEEZE. Wait for some minutes and check if the stain is out, if not repeat the process.

 In case it out then rinses the cloth according to the cleaning instructions. Caution: Do not place the cloth in a drier; find a cool and dry place to air the fabric.

 2. Stick the tape on the lipstick mark

Once you notice stained clothing, make sure it’s dry and avoid touching it. Take masking tape and place it on top of the mark, press it for some minutes, you notice it will stick on the tape.

 The transparent tape is preferable for you can see when it glues all the marks. Repeat the same process until you have all your lipstick stain stuck on the tape. Wash your garment according to instructions and enjoy the peace of having your dress back in shape.

3. Use a stain remover

A stain remover is a must-have toiletry in any home. For one reason or the other, you stain your clothes whether you are working in the kitchen or just helping the kids with their homework.

 Whatever the case, use the instructions on the stain remover and get rid of the lipstick stain on your cloth. Ensure the instructions are also in line with the laundry instruction on the clothing label of the cloth stained by the lipstick mark.

4. Use a hair spray

This sounds like a weird idea, the same component in alcohol is also in a hair spray but now this is in air form. It’s simple and easy to handle. Just spray the area with the lipstick mark, wait, and see the magic. When not satisfied, repeat the process until you remove all the stains; it’s straightforward and easy.

 All these hacks come in handy to get you out of the stress. The success rate of this procedure depends on the

  • Duration of the lipstick on the cloth
  • The stained area
  • The option of the hack you use
  • The fabric type

 All in all, after every procedure you must rinse the cloth with detergent to completely remove the stain including any traces. It’s also vital to prevent any reactions with the cloth for they use chemicals in the course of action.

 However, when not sure about what to do, use money, and get laundry experts to perfectly do the job for you. The hacks are trial and error kind of exercises; use them when you are ready to dispose of the garment. If not seek professional stain removal experts.